Tuesday, May 20, 2014

asparagus, fiddleheads, rhubarb, asparagus, fiddleheads, rhubarb

Bridget. Consummate Mom, Storekeeper, Gardener, Cook. She has a bright smile on the dreariest days! If you're a regular visitor to the farm, you already know her. If not, you're missing out. Come by!

Yes, it's SPRING and our rhubarb, fiddleheads, and asparagus are as fresh as they get! Tender and delicious, packed with nutrition.

Yes, things look a little different at the Farm Store this spring. We do not have our normal multitude of seedlings. Fear not, we're growing them for the farm and we will still have great varieties for you to buy fresh. John was needed to drive truck for our sister company Farm Fresh Connection early this spring so we didn't get our normal quantity planted. We do have a lovely selection of annual flowers, seeds, and will have great veggies as they become available! 

We continue to have beautiful fresh eggs, locally made cheeses, Standard Baking bread and weekend croissants and sticky buns, whole milk, cream, butter, beef, pork, AND NEW THIS YEAR--FRESH ORGANIC CHICKEN every WEDNESDAY!!!
 BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND, Jennie's Toll House Cookies!  We have more Maine offerings too--oats, flour, maple syrup, honey, jams, beans, Putnam's Magic Cream, dog biscuits, and SURPRISES in store for you.

See you on the hill!
John, Martha, William, and Orla 

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


the beautiful addition to our farm family.
And we look forward to 
seeing you in person
when the farm store opens Mother's Day Weekend.

We will have hanging baskets along with other fresh flowers to shower your Mom with sPrInG !  

Welcome spring, welcome summer. William Owen is out playing in his sand box as we speak. The birds are calling, the trees are budding, the frogs are talking...
come on by the farm store,
come out after hibernation,
come share stories of your long, happy winter!

We'll look for you on May 10th!
We have some new treats in store for you!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


We have decided to close the farm stand February 10th for the rest of the winter--
to welcome our new baby,
enjoy William Owen,
plant seeds to get ready for
OPENING again in May!

Stop by this week to get your chicken, sausage, beef, bacon for your freezer,
potatoes, tomatoes, turnip, garlic, milk, cheese...
And don't forget to think ahead to
Valentine's DAY; we have some special treats.
It's all about L O V E.
Thank you again for a great season!  We'll see you in May!

how about a COUCH DATE with your honey... candlelight with beeswax candles is the sweetest!

perhaps a decadent chocolate to pair with the candlelight?

SpRiNg is just around the corner!  When you are getting your soil ready, we'll be ready with our hardy seedlings.  See you soon!