Thursday, December 13, 2012

hand made, hand grown giving

Our lush balsam fir trees, wreaths, and garlands were delivered from Houlton, grown with Chritsmas in mind.  One deep breath and the merriness will begin!
Another "county" friend creates warm and beautiful hats, socks, mittens, and scarfs.  I just love the look of this oatmeal lambswool hat from the top.
 We invite you to "CREATE YOUR OWN GIFT BASKET" some ideas come to mind:  
***"Good Morning" basket to include Maple Sytrup, Honey, Oats, & Jam, cheerfully painted kitchen towel (fresh eggs and sausage could accompany a direct delivery :)).
***"Hearty Cooking'" basket with a braid of garlic, oil, beans, hand turned wooden bowl, a cookbook, wealden apron, and fresh tomatoes, leeks, potatoes..
*** "Winter Pampering basket"--our own calendula and beeswax Magic Cream, hand made soap, a new book (from our local authors), and new wool socks, mittens, or hat.

 Maine honey, "Between House and Barn" by Christopher Ayers, a hand turned bowl, all perfect for giving.
Add some fresh oats and homemade jams to your basket!
 We can't leave out our loyal companions.  Our neighbors at Brunswick Barkery have the perfect treat that is also good for their teeth!  Now you're barking!
 A relative from California used to ship a braid of California garlic to us each Christmas and it would hang it the pantry for most of the winter just waiting for me to whip up some "guacamole" or a hearty bean soup.  Such a treat to have a supply on hand.  We have braided onions too--great neighbor's gifts!
 When darkness settles in around 4:30, we need some soft flickering light to help us see the beauty in it!  Hand dipped candles for you or for your gift basket, perfect!
WILLIAM IS WALKING!  (sounds like a great name for a book?!) 
And he is also helping to hang holiday lights! 
Come by to select THE PERFECT TREE, get some fresh eggs for eggs benedict on Christmas morn' or just visit to visit.
Happy Holidays from all at Wealden! 
We'll be open our regular hours for 2 more weeks, then every other Tuesday beginnning January 8th from 11-6 throughout the winter.  There are plenty of vegetables available all winter long and we will continue to offer our frozen meats, berries, cheeses, grains, beans, and Bissons dairy by order.