Monday, April 2, 2012



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John has been been growing Calendula Resina and Martha's college friend Susan has been beekeeping on her roof in Brooklyn, NY (Red Beard Honey).  Martha's Mom (Putnam) has a wonderful recipe for skin cream. 
Together, it's "MAGIC"!  The calendula steeped in olive oil combined with beeswax creates a skin cream that you would trust on your baby and feel pampered if you used it yourself every day.  Martha rubs it all over William Owen and he is a very happy baby.  Many of you have been asking about him.  Here he is with Mom, enjoying life.

The fire is burning in the greenhouse and heirloom tomatoes are just one of the plantings thriving in the warm moist air.

The beautiful, hearty FEDCO seeds are in and ready for you.  We know many of you have your own gardens to nurture and we want you to have the best.

REMEMBER, WE'RE OPEN TOMORROW  and will be opening for the season MAY 5!  Come by for healthy organic meats, eggs from our also happy hens (see below), apples, cider, beans, fresh chickens this week!, and more!!

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