Thursday, September 8, 2011


Sister Cat's lush peach tree next door.

The peach tree (Prunus persica) is a species of Prunus native to China that bears an edible juicy fruit called a peach.  (Wikipedia)
How beautiful!  I just happened to wander over to take a photo of the peach tree and, voila!, Cat had peach tarts just coming out of the oven...  mmmmm.
While I enjoyed a piece of zucchini bread and a cup of tea, Cat showed me the peach and blueberry preserves in her pantry... are you inspired yet?
Just picked, YES, it is apple season!! 

Pear slices with cheddar perhaps... or a pear tart?!
Compliments from our cooler.
Say no more!
Roasted peppers, oooo la la, great in hummus too.
My grandmother's winter pantry was a feast for your eyes... mason jars of bold color!  Tomatoes, bread and butter pickles, green beans, applesauce, AND pickled beats lined the shelves-- winter treasures. 
Keeping a few jugs in the freezer is always a good thing.

TOMATO TIP FROM MARTHA:  slice tomatoes, salt, and bake in a 300º oven for 3 hours.  Pour off excess sauce and use in your favorite beverage or recipe.  What's left is a tray of sweet roasted tomatoes to puree for a pasta sauce or toss in wherever you would like tomatoes.  They can be frozen, ready for you all winter!

CORN FUN FACT FROM MARTHA:  There is a strand of silk for every kernal.  
And the eggplant is not just another pretty "nightshade" vegetable.
I overheard a customer say it was the best corn she had ever had!

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